Sporadic 'E' on 144 MHz in 2004 - A summary You are on November 10. Last update: November 17. 00:00 UT  
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November 10. - Huh? November? Kidding? No!
Yes, its true and thanks to that huge geomagnetic disturbance that lasted for several days now. Seems that the ionosphere was loaded with electrons causing a sudden and extreme rare November 144 Es opening in the late afternoon today. While there was still aurora in the north, amazing. I was trying hard to find anything like that happening before but I didn't. Yes, we had several Auroral E's before in the north but never something like that in the south. This was a Sporadic 'E' event, no Auroral 'E'.
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DH4FAJ, JN49ex
On 10th of November i listen with ic821 on 144.070 on Aurora signals at 17.00 UTC. Then i turned on the FT857d on 144.300 to listen for some Au SIgnals in SSB. 17:20 some Signal on 144.300 very lody. i dont belive to hear SV2DCD with 59+. 2 calls and the QSO is Complete! Very surprised about Es in November!
17:20 SV2DCD KN00NF 1470,9Km

DF6NA, JN49xs
17:15 SV3GKE KM08vf 59 59

DF8KK , JO30nv
17:03 SV3GKE KM08VF 59 59 1818km
17:15 SV2DCD KN00NF 59 59 1604km
17:00, I thought, Im dreaming. Listen once, listen twice. My FT817 picked a SV-Callsign on 144,300. First I answered on SV3GKE CQ only with 5 Watts while the PA was starting. He answered after my first call , after that my 100 Watts were ready. I turned my Flexayagi FX224 but no more stations. Others answered "GKE" when suddenly "DCD" came up. He also answered in the first time on my call. His sigs faded,but no problems to work. That was all, but very funny and big surprise. My qth is only 70 m over ground plus 12m antenne high for the 11 elements...
Only the 144,300 was used, so there was a double-pileup with these two greek stations it sounds to me...
Is the Sporadic E saison now closed ?? Ill listen to my radio.. 73 Thomas,DF8KK

DL1GGT, JN58ao
1707 SV3GKE KM08VF 59/59
1719 SV2DCD KN00NF 59/59
they have been here 59 for half an hour with deep QSB. vy nice ES in november

DL3IAS, JN49ej
17.14 SV2DCD 53 59 KN00NF
Unbeliveable, Sporadic-E after we have got the first snow here! I also heard a second Station (SV3) from KM08 at the same time on 144.300.
Rig: IC735/LT2S with BF981, 20 watt and 10 ele DK7ZB

DL8EBW, JO31nf
17:15 SV2DCD KN00NF 57 59 2 m. SSB 1630km
17:22 SV3GKE KM08VF 55 59 2 m. SSB 1845km

G4LOH, IO70jc
Missed the Es here but looks like it didn't reach me anyway. The map clearly shows a Sporadic-E (Es) opening not Auroral-E (AuE) (sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Auroral-Es").
The 6/11/2000 event which also happened in a big proton event aurora was also Es and not AuE. (I worked RA3AET at 2500km in this opening and would love to claim it as a record for AuE but it was Es!!!!)
Auroral-E sounds different and has a wide reflection area, for instance, on 18/6/03 I worked TF/G4ODA from IO94 (1400km) he was 59 on SSB. He was heard at exactly the same time in JO33 and IO80, the signal lasted over an hour and did not have the rapid fading of Es.

G4RGK, IO91on
1710 tuning around the band I found an LZ on around 144295 very weak couldn't figure out the call. Didnt hear any sign of the SV's here in IO91. Seem to remember another Es opening October or November, years ago straight after a big Aurora. stn: 17el, 8930 amp, MGF1302 preamp.

G8VHI, IO92fm
I Have always said that au will not stop es and I now think I am right. many
say there will not be es when we have an AU maybe now they will have to
think again! I missed it here qrl hi cul de Reg G8VHI

HA6NN, JN89vc
Dear Udo,
I just wanted to call your attention to the exceptional propagation conditions we had experienced on 29600 kHz (FM). We (That's me and HA6NA) stay on 29600 kHz due to the failure of my 70 cm FM transceiver for about a month. As far as I remember it happened about a week before when EA7HQ came through with such a tremendous signal that he was able to open the squelch of my FT757GX although the knob was turned into fully clockwise position!
Beside him I have heard and worked stations from almost the same geographical areas than those which can be heard on 144300 kHz during summer.
Of course it is very easy to make difference of F2 type openings when usually W1OJ and KQ2E repeaters can be heard on 29620 kHz.
Than came the Es opening yesterday, on 10th November.
We are staying on 29600 all the day (I have just retired just like my friend HA6NA...) and I recommend you to listen on these frequencies regularly.
Unfortunately we have not too much chance to get permission to use the 6 m band because of an old Budapest TV transmitter sitting on the top of a Budapest hill and broadcasting national Program 1 all over the country.
That's why it is not possible to follow short skip propagation step by step upwards to 144 MHz from here.
gl de ha6nn Andras
HB9SJV, JN36bk
LZ1ZP KN22id 16h50 QSO on 50Mhz
17h14 QSO on 144Mhz
100W + 11y 1000m asl
73' de Ben HB9SJV

IW2NOR, JN45on
Only 2 QSO via Es in mid november wow!!!
17.13 lz1zp 57/59 kn22id 1297 Km
17.15 lz1gc 58/59 kn21 1400 Km
Rig: Kenwood TS2000 + "enough power"
ant: 2X17 F9FT @ 40mAGL
73' @ all de Gaetano IW2NOR

I8MPO, JN70fp
17:13z hrd DJ5BV calling somebody on 144.300 via Es for less than one minute.To my experience this was genuine SporadicE and not MS. Quite amazing this time of the year but the protons connected with the big Au going on since days up north evidently are the key to this very unusual occurence. Just too bad I couldn't take advantage of it :-(((

LZ1ZP, KN22id
Hello All ,
I have never worked to late Es on 144Mhz !!Everything started here around 15.45 when I heard first signals on 50MHz. Than very fast Es on 6 covered huge area from 4X to G - some stations was coming on 59 +60 dB and some short distance contacts was made with 9A (abt 700 km).At 16.53 I worked HB9SJV and discused with him (with a joke ..) abt possibility to work on 144MHz . Around 16.55 I checked BC band - what a surprise, band was full with Italian stations up to 108 MHz even more it was a mixture of sounds (one upon another)like during fast rising MUF!! Than...
17.10 IW2NOR Heard him for the first time
17.13 HB9SJV 59/59 JN36
17.14 IW2NOR 59/57 JN45
17.24 F1DLT 59/52 JN27
That's it. Nice job at the start of the winter!Rig here : 100W 11el.DJ9BV
73's and see you again George

OE3JPC, JN87ew
I remember a similar opening late in the year some 3 or 4 years ago. While there was Aurora in Northern Europe we made lots of Es-QSO's to Central SM. At the same time there was some FAI when I heard RX1AS with typical FAI-tone.
73 de Johannes

OH5LK, KP30on
I disagree with the statement that there has never before been a similar Sporadic E opening. On 6th November 2001 (or was it 2000?) we had a 144 MHz SPORADIC-E opening in the evening. The tone was typical ES and the signal strenght was typical ES (I worked for example a LX station that was using a ground plane). The reason why I can distinguish it from an Auroral-E opening is that there was only a single reflection point. Meaning that at the same time that I was working into DL, a station 200 km east from me (St Petersburg) was working stations 200 km far away to the west, into PA. In an Auroral-E opening there is always a larger reflection area meaning that by beaming to slightly different directions I can work stations from different geographical areas at any given time.
I feel sorry that many operators have reported this 6th November opening as an Auroral-E opening. For example many ODX on Auroral-E mode in various lists have been made in a Sporadic-E opening on this opening on 6th November.
73 de Jussi OH5LK

PA2CHR, JO22xa
1714 SV2DCD KM00NF 55 59 144.300
1718 SV3GKE KM08VF 55 59 144.300
Very unusual ES in November.
73's, Chris, PA2CHR

PA3DZL, JO21hm
17.19 SV2DCD 59/59 KN00NF
very surprised to work ES in November !!
Rig: 4x17el. and 100W

PA3FPQ, JO22xe
17:21 SV3GKE KM08VF 59 both ways.
Heard SV2DCD during heatup pa.

PE1NWL, owner of DX-Robot
Hi Udo
The Es opening we had yesterday was indeed surprising!
Unfortunately I had already disabled the DXrobot Es warning system for the winter period. Pity...
73 Allard PE1NWL

SV2DCD, KN00nf
Tnx everyone for the 35 unexpected es-qso's during the 10-11-2004 e-sporadic.The signals where very strong from DL,PA,ON.Although i had report from G station i didn't worked anyone.Also a couple of F stations called me but not wkd
My antennas here 2x11 el F9FT and PA 300W.73 de Leo SV2DCD