Sporadic 'E' on 144 MHz in 2004 - A summary You are on May 27. Last update: June 01. 23:45 UT  
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May 27. - The crowd from JN94...
50 MHz was wide open in Central Europe starting around noon when MUF reached 110 MHz in times. BC from Italy and OE was heard in OZ and SM in the early afternoon and at 1430 Italian BC was into PA0 and G while EA was strong in SP. At 15:12 UT first sigs on 144 MHz from YU in Western France but band was closing again. 15 minutes later 144 was open again from G and GW into 9A, S5, YU, and LZ while I8 was into GM. Funny, a big crowd of YU's from JN94 on the band but almost nothing around. There's a rumour that PA also made I8 but nothhing confirmed yet. G4HGI was lucky and made the expedition in ZA, congrats! Last sigs on 144 at 16:05 UT. [Tnx to F5SDD for support]
  144 MHz Es May 27. 2004  
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F5JKK, IN87pr
1510 YT1ET KN04 1855kms
today first Es, only one QSO 200w 11el yagi

G4LOH, IO70jc
15:24 S51KK JN76hb
15:24 S53V JN76gb
15:24 YZ1EW JN94
15:26 YT1VV JN94
15:35 LZ2FO KN13kx 2210km
15:35 YU1IO KN04iq
15:35 YZ1KU KN04et
15:40 YU7KB JN94xx
15:41 LZ2ZY
I was hoping to hear from ZA exped. nil hrd, but happy to be qrv again in new qth just in time (by three hours!) for first Es of 2004.
Tim. 300W/9ele IO70jc.

G7RAU, IO90ir
es was interesting, It was into band II early afternoon (Italy), thought we were going to have es then hi. MUF continued up, I was aware that the muf was much higher than what was been spotted, I cud hear via es/bs DL<>I etc on 6m but never spotted.. putting muf high into yu/lz.
Signals appeared at ~1510, IZ8??? was drowned by a local qrm on 300, hrd him calling a few times but not vri loud. Then it was open for west G<>s5/yu, I could hear s0-1 from them.
Then Bang, es into IO90 with huge sigs. Only complaint was the inter g qsos on 300, remember the es might not be on you
but someone else might be trying to pick a DX call from the local qrm! tnx LZ2FO for being 40 over 9, g qrm was at s9 so needed a big sig
Thanks all, have a gud season, 73 de Dave
15:57:49 YZ1KU 59 59 KN04ET 1740
15:56:37 YU1IO 59 59 KN04IQ 1770
15:54:21 YU7KB 59 59 JN94XX 1702
15:52:24 LZ2FO 59 59 KN13KX 1958
15:44:21 YZ7NOU 59 59 JN94TX 1679
15:41:19 YU1TT 59 59 JN94US 1697
15:35:55 YZ1EW 59 59 JN94XF 1745
17el + 400w from IO90IR

G8IZY, IO91vc
15:57 144.295 YU1TT 59/59 JN94US
Hi ... long time!
Very brief, fleeting, opening here. I could hear absolutely nothing of the stations being worked from the west of me. Then suddenly YU1TT appeared 59+!. It was over just as quickly!
73 Steve G8IZY

GM4IFC/P, IO85oq
15:30 hrs. IC8CQF and IC8FAX. Both JN70CN. 2093km. 59 59.
FT100, BNOS Linear. SSB masthead preamp.
130W to home brew 5 metre long 11 ele at 25ft.
GW3LEW, IO71ps
first 2m es 2004
1557 yu1tt jn94us
1600 yt1vv jn94us
missed ha in jn97 and yuinod and another yu1
very fleeting es not too good here in io71ps
73 geoff

GW4DGU, IO71sv
As usual, I didn't get on until the end of the event. I really mustn't work in May/June/July!
Turned-on the rig at about 1555utc
1557 YU1TT heard
1559 YZ1EW JN94xf 59/59 C
1600 9A4DU? JN95DA 59/59 lost
Rig here: '400W'(HB solid-state), 15.6dBi long yagi at 15m (tower wound down). 0.4dB PHEMT preamp
73 Chris

GW8ASA, IO81em
A very brief opening started at 1540 into IO81em on two mtrs ODX hrd was PA/PA2CHR but G4LOH got there 1st
stns wkd:-
1544 YZ1EW 59 59 JN94XF
1555 YU1TT 59 59 JN94US
1558 YT1VV 59 59 jn49US
1559 YU7KB 59 59 JN94XX
1600 YU7MTN 53 41
1605 YU1IO 59 lost QSB

IC8FAX, JN70cn
1535 GM4IFC 144300

LZ5UV, KN12pr
First FAI for 2004
20:31 IK1EGC 55/55Fai JN35UF
FT-847, 18el. DJ9BV + GU-84, dir Budapest

PE1AHX, JO21os
After waiting days for this to happen the first (very short) SpE opening. Apparently my reflectionpoint does not correspond with the common one. SpE here was very short (about 1-2 minutes max). I heard IC8FAX who came and went. Right after I worked IC8CQF. Did hear various Italian sounding bursts afterwards which makes me think it may have been SpE enhanced MS. IC8CQF was also worked by PD3UX (JO22LE). I hope more will follow...
Running 400W into 3wl @ 13m ASL
15:34 IC8CQF JN70CN 1423km

YU1TT, JN94us
1542 G7RAU 144290 IO90ir 1697
1558 G8IZY 144295 IO91vc 1634

1538 G4HGI IO83pl
(QSP'd by PA2DB)