Sporadic 'E' on 144 MHz in 2004 - A summary You are on May 11. Last update: June 28. 2004, 08:30 UT  
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May 11. - yet another very short one
Just like yesterday 50 MHz was open from early morning all across Europe and Near East with MUF's up to 110 MHz in the eastern part of Europe. In the afternoon a big cloud formed above Southern France and Northern Italy bringing lots of BC from EA and CT into DL, OK, SP, HA and YU. At 16.10 UT MUF was reaching 108 MHz at the editors QTH (JN49), BC band was crowded with stations from EA and some CT. Suddenly at 16:28 UT 144 opened only for two minutes from the very southern part of CT into DL. Later EA3 was heard in YU7 but no QSO. Only one QSO reported due to low activity CT1HZE says.
  144 MHz Es May 11. 2004  
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CT1HZE, IM57nh
1629 UTC: DL9OBD, JO42QN 59 / 59
The band was open for several minutes but due to the early time of the season almost no stations qrv on the other side....
DL9OBD was the only one who answered my CQ.
At this time of the year I recommend that also the "northern" stations should call a bit more CQ in the range from 144.295 to .305 when there is high MUF. I can not call CQ all the time myself to detect the openings.
73s Joe, DL8HCZ/CT1HZE
EA4TF, IM89at
Only 1 contact very strong signal
18:42 9A3RU 5/9 5/9 JN85LI
Yaesu ft-100 antena cushcraft 17b2 150 W.

YU7BCL, KN05fw
17.15 EA3CSV HRD