Sporadic 'E' on 144 MHz in 2004 - A summary You are on May 02. Last update: May 06. 2004, 21.00 UT  
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Here we go - Welcome Sporadic 'E' in 2004
Could this really be true? Sporadic 'E' on 144 that early? When I saw the messages on the cluster I was pretty sure this must be MS not Es. But later when I received the logs from DL and OK I was surprised. Both the YO and LZ were heard for minutes not only for seconds. So here we are, the first opening in 2004 on 144MHz occured May 02., amazing. 50 MHz was open from early morning here and than, not really strong but not bad. At 09.30 UT MUF was reaching >70 MHz from YO, LZ and UT to DL and PA0 while YU was heard in southern DL on 50 MHz the same time. Short distance? Yes. Suddenly at 09.59 UT YO3IZI came out of the noise at DL0PVD and was heard for 5 minutes and worked as well. Bit later OK made LZ. A good start into the season and the European VHF/UHF/SHF contest helped a lot.
  144 ES May 02. 2004  
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DL0PVD, JN49bo
09:59 YO3IZI KN34bk 51/190 59/034, 1467 Km at 109°
Roalnd, DD9PL, OP at DL0PVD writes: This was no MS cause the signal was clear and no fluttering QSB on it. QSO took some 5 Minutes to be completed cause QRM was strong from the contest. YO3IZI was peaking S5 that time. Seems to me that this short opening was very spotty, no other stations heard calling YO. Right after this we were searching for some more on the band but nothing else heard. Rig: 50 watts, 2 times 10 el. DK7ZB yagis.

On May 2nd around 10 UTC contest station DL0DR in JN48FX got a call from a YO4 station but we could not complete the QSO. It sounded like ES while we are not really sure about the propagation mode.

OK1DDO, JO60jd
10:07 LZ1KWT KN32 599/599