Sporadic 'E' on 144 MHz in 2004 - A summary You are on July 10. Last update: August 07. 14:00 UT  
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July 10. - Saturday evening aint no good for Es...
...cause activity is always low. MUF reached high levels in the morning and dropped around noon but came back in the afternoon reaching almost 144 from LA to 9A and S5 while BC from whole Europe was audible im GM. That cloud was splitted into 2 pieces, one moving slowly southwest and at app. 1850 144 was open until 20:10 UT. Activity was poor and the Es was very spotty.
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DD0VF, JO61wa
1907 EA1BFZ IN81 51 hrd
1912 EA4FXD IM78BX 57/59 #514/550 2038km
RIG: 5el 2m high and 100W, vy bad take off
Never say never!!! MUF was quite high in the evening, but I did not expect ES on 144, I was realy to lazy for drivin' to the QTH ;-) I came in from gardening and saw G was working Italy, a few min later I hrd EA1BFZ(IN81) followed by EB4FXD(IM78), he was 57 in QSO and 59+ after. Here at home I have only a 5el at a 2m mast in the garden down in the valley of Dresden and take off is shieled in all directions by buildings. Seems the reflection point was vy small since I don't hrd any locals or even the big guns frm JO50. Usually I can't break the ES pile up from here, but the pettishly lady ES was friendly to me ;-) Interesting that I don't seen any short skip-spot of 6m at the midpoint , even EA-BC was hrd by DH0GHU.

DF1CF, JN57fp
1903 EB1DM IN73fi

DF6NA, JN49xs
19:09 EB4FXD 59 59 IM78ba
19:10 EA1BFZ 59 59 IN81ss

DK5RQ, JN68bv
19:07 EA1LZ 59 59 IN82DI
19:15 EB1HYC hrd IN70 ?
19:45 EI5FK hrd on .300
rig: 600W + 11el, 73 Rudi

DO8KB, JO50ik
1912 EA1BFZ 55 59 IN81?
The only one heard here in JO50ik, I'm not sure if the QSO was completed, because he faded out very fast and maybe didn't rxed his report. Station was audible for less than a minute. Rig: 5W, 7ele DK7ZB-Yagi

F5IHP, IN88lc
1902 IZ6FHZ JN72EG 1506kms
1904 I1ANP JN61GV 1402kms
1911 IC8FAX JN70CN 1602kms
That's all ... 17 el tonna, 50W, preamp

F8DBF, IN78ri
18:59 IZ6FHZ JN72EG 1620km #
19:01 I1ANP JN44VC 1197km #
19:09 IZ0CGV JN61GV 1515km
19:10 IW0RNA JN62IW 1465km
19:50 YZ7NOU JN94TX 1873km
19:50 YU1EV KN04CN 1932km
19:53 YU7MS KN05FW 1900km
TS2000 100W. 11 Elts +preamp

G1AAR, JO00at
1856 IS0GQX JM49 59 59
Had been monitoring BC for some time with I sigs up to 100mhz then suddenly 2m opened with a big signal.Only the 1 IS0 heard.

G4KLX, IO93fb
Didn't work any stations, most were not audible here. I did hear SP6GZZ in JO80 briefly, very short skip and according to your map, a little way off the main Es cloud.

G4LOH, IO70jc
3 short Es here then some strong FAI:
1854 IC8FAX 59 59 JN70cn
1859 IZ0CGV 59 59 JN61gv
1906 I1ANP 59 59 JN44vc
1910 IZ0GUG 59 59 JN61ew
1926 LZ3NY 59 59 KN12qq
2003 S51MQ 59 57 JN75
2004 YU1EV 59 59 KN04cn
2044 S53J 53f 55f JN75ev
2049 S51MQ 53f 52f JN75
Thanks for all QSO's! 73, Tim. http://www.g4loh.com
G7RAU, IO90ir
Amp tripped out (storm bugs grr) just before es in the evening started, is0gqx was s9qsb for a while but I could not raise more than a few watts hi. Got the amp going eventually but it was over for me then. MUF was still vri high and I worked s53j and s51mq via fai qtf 85. 73 de Dave

GW4DGU, IO71sv
Sometimes being on the edge can be an advantage! My QSO with 9H1AW at 2310km is right on the edge of the geometrical possibilities of 'single-hop' Es. Although we exchanged 59 reports, in my case based on his initial strength, for most of the QSO Alan was only just readable.
1903 IS0GQX? 59 59 JN?? lost
1916 9H1AW 59 59 JM75 2310km c

HA1FV, JN87jj
19.00 EB1DPB 59/59 IN53TI
19.04 EA1DDU 59/59 IN73EM
19.05 EB1EHT 59/59 IN73EM

HA5OV, JN97nj
19.29 EB1DPB 59/59 IN53TI

19:20 F6HRO IN88jq 59 59 1200 Km
RIG: ICOM IC 271A & 2X11 DL6WU

LZ3NY, KN12qq
Too short ES for us. Just one QSO this time :(
19:26 G4LOH 59/59 IO70JC
TS770E, Daiwa-LA2090H 100W, 15el DJ9BV
73! Mitko

OE1SOW, JN88ff
19:11 UTC EB1DM 144.249 IN73FI 1782km
73 from Vienna, Othmar, OE1SOW

OK1TEH, JO70fd
I hrd 55 at cca 19:05z EB1HYC IN70EW and some undefined CT fm IN60? I had vy big qrn S7 fm rain which started in Prague and qrm fm OK1XN, OK1CAZ.
U can listen the chaos on 300 here (on FM nil):
73 de Matej, OK1TEH (ft847 + 100W PA + 6el F9FT)

OM1AVK, JN88od
19:08 EB1BFS 59 59 IN73DH 1851km
19:30 EB1DM 59 59 IN73FI 1837km
hrd 19:15 EB1ETH (IN73)
rig:IC-821H+preamp+power amp 80W+ant 11el.F9FT

SP6VGJ/3, JO81hu
19:14 EB4FXD IM78BX 59 59 SSB 2249
19:15 EA1BFZ IN81SS 59 59 SSB 1825