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July 19. 2003 - Very short ones ... | Comments/reports/log-sheets/audios to DK5YA

What a promising day early in the morning. MUF was very high in the eastern part of Europe, lots of BC from all around said the boys from UA6 - but nil on 144 except several taxi drivers from unknown Arabian countries on 145.0 to 145.5. Later we had a short and very spotty one from 4X4 and SV5 into parts if Italy and a bit later again extreme short openings from Italy to both LA and G while OZ was into southern France just for seconds only. More MS than Es perhaps. MUF still high until the evening in whole Europe but nil on 144 so far.
Involved DXCC: 4X4, SV5, I, OZ, LA, G, F

144 MHz Es July 19. 2003

Logs and reports:

LA2AB, JO59fv
11:48 UTC I6BQI (JN72BK) 55/55

LA0BY, JO59fw
11:54 UTC wkd I6BQI (JN72BK) 59/59




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