Sporadic 'E' in 2002 - A summary - Last update 4.06.02, 21.00 UT
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June 4. 2002 - Again another opening, but short and early.
Move down for reports, Audios none at present.
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144 Es June 4. 2002

A short but intense opening took place in the morning when G and GW were working into OH, LY and ES. Opening started at 08.21 UT and lasted until 08:54 UT. Following DXCC were involved:
G, GW, OH, ES, LY.


Logs and Reports:

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G7RAU, IO90ir
0821 OH3BYZ 59/59  kp21

0832 OH1CO  59/59  kp10!!
0833 OH5KE   59++  kp30
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G8IZY, IO91vc
08:34 OH3BYZ 59 59 KP21 New sq.
08:37 OH1CO 59 Lost N/c, Sorry OM




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  You have missed out a few of the reasons that can also trigger 144Mhz Sporadic E:
1. Switching off the amplifier.
2. Going for a meal break.
3. Going to work.
4. Working on the antenna system.
5. Going on Holiday.

Similarly these things can stop SpE:
1. Taking a day's holiday to listen for SpE.
2. Sitting in the shack all day on a nice sunny warm day.
3. Switching the amplifier on.
73, David GM4JJJ
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