Sporadic 'E' in 2002 - A summary - Last update 28.06.02, 23.00 UT
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June 27. 2002 - One opening today.
Move down for reports, Audios none at present.
Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets to DK5YA.

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144 ES June 27. 2002

Opening started at 17:03 UT from DL (JO63) into UA6. Later the cloud was moving south bringing DL from JO60/61 and JN58/JN67 into the game, also OK and OM were working UA6 and UT. Involved DXCC today:
DL, OK, OM, UA6, UT.



Logs and Reports:

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DL3HRT, JO61ab
17:16 UR3GT KN76
17:18 RZ6BU KN84
17:19 UA6BHM KN84
17:21 Band dead
IC-910H - 100Watt - 2x9-Ele. Yagi (5m-Boom)
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UT5JCW, KN64sn
Esporadic is not open on 27.06.02 only
I heard IC8FAX within two hours but him not answer. Much little stations in my region.
18:56 IC8FAX JN70CN 559 559 CW 1640
19:07 YU7BCX KN05HO 55F 55F CW 1019
19:16 YU7EW KN05HP 559 579 CW 1019
19:17 IC8FAX JN70CN 57 57 SSB 1640


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OK1TEH, JO70fd
17:16 RN6BN KN95LA 59 59 SSB 1920



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  You have missed out a few of the reasons that can also trigger 144Mhz Sporadic E:
1. Switching off the amplifier.
2. Going for a meal break.
3. Going to work.
4. Working on the antenna system.
5. Going on Holiday.

Similarly these things can stop SpE:
1. Taking a day's holiday to listen for SpE.
2. Sitting in the shack all day on a nice sunny warm day.
3. Switching the amplifier on.
73, David GM4JJJ
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