Sporadic 'E' in 2002 - A summary - Last update 11.08.02, 20.00 UT
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July 16. 2002 - One opening today.
Move down for reports, Audios none at present.
Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets to DK5YA.


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   July 16.
   July 28.


144 Es July 16. 2002

Opening started at 09:36 UT from OZ and SM to UA6 and UT5. Later YU made UA1 from KO59 and KP50. Than the band opened from UA3 to OK, DL, PA and ON. Openings were short but very strong, lots of deep QSB was reported. Last signals from RK3AF copied in PA0 at 11.31 UT. Involved DXCC today:
ON, PA0, DL, OK, OZ, SM, UA1/3, YU.



Logs and Reports:

DK3XM, JO43xl
1105 UTC RK3AF 59 59 KO85
1106 UTC RA3DQ 59 59 KO85
1109 UTC UA3AOG 59 59 KO85
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DK3WG, JO72gi
10.23 RK3AF 57 59 KO85QR
10.25 RA3DQ 59 59 KO85US
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RK3AF, KO85qr
10.25z DK3WG JO72
10.44z DF2JQ JO31
10.45z DM1HD JO31
10.45z DL1JJ JO31
10.45z DL4OL JO52
10.46z DK9TF JO31
10.46z DK5DQ JO31
10.47z DL0SE JO31
10.48z DK3DS JO31
10.49z ON4AMX JO20 2202 km
11.01z DL6BF JO32
11.02z DK1KO JO53
11.02z PA3CEG JO33
11.02z DL5BBW JO32
11.03z PD0PQS JO32
11.03z PA0PVW JO22
11.04z DG8BX JO42
11.04z PE1HWO JO21
11.04z PA3FOC JO21
11.05z DK3XM JO43
11.07z DB6LJ JO43
11.07z PE1KLQ JO33
11.09z DL6HCE JO43
11.09z PD0JEM JO22
11.10z PA2CHR JO22
11.12z PA0WWM JO22
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PE1HWO, JO21gv
11:05 RK3AF KO85QR 2176
11:07 RA3DQ KO85US 2196
11:10 UA3AOG KO85SQ 2186
Audios of PE1HWO


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  You have missed out a few of the reasons that can also trigger 144Mhz Sporadic E:
1. Switching off the amplifier.
2. Going for a meal break.
3. Going to work.
4. Working on the antenna system.
5. Going on Holiday.

Similarly these things can stop SpE:
1. Taking a day's holiday to listen for SpE.
2. Sitting in the shack all day on a nice sunny warm day.
3. Switching the amplifier on.
73, David GM4JJJ
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