Sporadic 'E' in 2002 - A summary - Last update 11.08.02, 15.00 UT
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August 4. 2002 - Two openings today.
Move down for reports, Audios none at present.
Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets to DK5YA.


   August 4.
   August 5.
August 11.

144 Es August 4. 2002

First opening started at 10.28 UT when OH and one SM3 were working into UA6. Few minutes later ES made UA6 too and SP was working into UA3 and UA4 (LO20). Second opening started at 17.30 UT from UA3 to LA and SM3. That one lasted until 18.01 UT. Involved DXCC today:
UA6, UA4, UA3, ES, OH, SM, LA, SP.


Logs and Reports:

RU3ACE, KO95kg
10:54 144303 SP9APC/5 59 59 KO02BW

OH7HDU, KP32rt
10.34 RZ6BU 559/599, my loc is KP32RT.
10.38 RZ6BU ssb , 59/59 (40db over s9)
I also heard UT5, but no contact
Kenwood TM 255 and 2 x 17 el Cushcraft 17B2 at 218 ASL and 38.5m from ground with 7/8 hardline. Power was 40w. This summer has been very poor for ES, this was 1st time in central Finland.



OH7MA, KP52bn
1028z RZ6BU 599 599 KN84pv 2017
1047z RZ6BU 59 59 KN84pv 2017
1048z UT5ER 599 599 KN78er 1560
Rig: IC-746 100 W + 4x10el

OH6KTL, KP02oj
1040 UA6MA 59/59 SSB KN97VE
hrd UA6LQ
ts700+100W and 4 x 15el


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  You have missed out a few of the reasons that can also trigger 144Mhz Sporadic E:
1. Switching off the amplifier.
2. Going for a meal break.
3. Going to work.
4. Working on the antenna system.
5. Going on Holiday.

Similarly these things can stop SpE:
1. Taking a day's holiday to listen for SpE.
2. Sitting in the shack all day on a nice sunny warm day.
3. Switching the amplifier on.
73, David GM4JJJ
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