DK5YA - JN49nx - 4x9 M-square

Who is DK5YA?


I'm a VHF-enthusiast since 1964. At the age of 6 I was seriously searching for the miracles of broadcast inside my parents brand new HiFi system using a screwdriver and the big solder gun I found at my fathers shack desk. Nice surprise for whole family: neither small green guys from Mars inside the radio nor sound out of the speaker anymore...

In 1980 I got my first license, DG4NAE, a new solder and few screwdrivers also...of course. In 1983 I became DH8NAA. Since 15. May 1998 I am DK5YA. In August 2006 we went to a new QTH, still in JN49nx but out of the town on the countryside. Now I'm at 400 meters a.s.l. with a clear view and a superb take-off all around.

Today radio is my business, I'm a Broadcast-Journalist at Hessischer Rundfunk in Frankfurt/M., part of the Broadcast Net ARD [Radio and TV] in Germany. I'm also member of DF0HR, Hessischer Rundfunk Clubstation.

Hope to meet you on 50, 144 or up. I'm quite active on METEORSCATTER, ES, AURORA , EME and further kinds of propagation.

Recent rig consists of a YAESU-FT1000MP with transverters for 144 and 432, FT847 for HF, 50, 144 and 432, a FT817 for /p plus several VHF/UHF radios. Next step is 10 GHz.
Antennas are 6 el. Yagi on 50MHz, 4 times 9 el. M2s 2.5WL for 144MHz and 21 el. 7.2 WL for 432MHz.
Tube-amplifiers help to produce a nice signal. Skeds for MS are very welcome. Speed is up to 3000lpm both RX/TX using the famous DTR made by DF7KF or FSK441.

Contacts: AX.25 at DK5YA@DB0GV ore

4 times 9 element M² 4 times 9 element M² 144 PA with GS35b
4 times 9 element Mē @ 12 mtrs. 4 times 9 element Mē @12 mtrs. 144 PA with GS35b
SV9/DK5YA June 1998
4 times 9 element Mē pointing east SV9/DK5YA June 1998 4 times 9 element Mē @12 mtrs.