Dear VHF-friends,

after again a lot of requests in the magazines FT, CQ-DL, FA as well as in several foreign publications, and via packet-radio (DXCs and BBS) and via internet, please welcome our result of the: 144 MHz (M)ost (W)anted (S)quare inquiry 2002 of our "VHF-DX-Group DL-West".
The details were compiled in the time periode between december 2001 and 09 march 2002. The inquiry has been taken since 1993 and we still have an high figure of participants year by year from all over europe (again more participants than in 2001!) We will try to set up a new system for collecting these details from up next inquiry - so please check our announces later on... So please have a look to the results of the inquiry 2002 in detail:
And here we are with the result of 2002 inquiry:
N49 (66*)
KM28 KN39 KN48 (57*)
KN30 (55*)
KO57 (53*)
KO23 (52*)
KN38 KO67 (51*)
KN40 (50*)
IO43 IO52 KN47 KO31 (49*)
IO65 KN55 (48*)
KN20 KO40 (47*)
JM57 KM16 KN37 KN57 KO42 KO43 KO63 KO69 (46*)
IO76 JN51 JO39 JP31 KM27 KN28 KO41 KO47 KO66 (45*)
IO44 IO55 KO74 (44*)
IO66 KM26 KN42 KO06 (43*)
JN91 KN26 KN56 KN58 KO44 KO77 KP61 (42*)
IO42 JM47 JM87 JN32 JP43 KO56 KO79 (41*)
IO61 JM66 JN60 JO98 JP21 KN69 KO13 KO17 KO72 KP70 (40*)
IO41 JN10 JP72 KN59 KN65 KN76 KO78 (39*)
JM06 JM46 KN00 KN02 KN25 KN50 KO07 (38*)
IM79 JM29 36 37 48 JN40 JP42 76 KN29 51 67 KO21 36 53 58 89 (37*)
IN77 IO67 JM26 KM06 KN75 KO01 KO20 KO51 KP62 (36*)
JM55 JM79 JP32 JP75 KM38 KN27 KN43 KO27 KO54 KO68 KO76 KO94 (35*)
IM95 IO99 JM05 15 16 JP63 65 74 KN36 77 KO12 32 34 37 52 60 KP13 (34*)
IM96 IO97 JM25 45 JO49 JP41 94 95 KM19 49 KN15 44 KO50 81 82 (33*)
IO78 IP61 JM35 44 65 JN20 JP20 64 86 KM15 (32*)
KN19 KO39 46 71 KP04 06 24 60 63 80 (32*)
IM65 JM14 24 43 53 56 JP51 KM09 36 KN01 62 85 KO09 30 62 (31*)
IM78 IO71 IP90 JM04 34 JP62 66 96 97 (30*)
KN14 16 74 KO22 65 83 KP33 51 64 (30*)

Some comments the above listing:
The figures (eg.: 45*) at the end of each line, will give you an idea how many people would like an activity on 144 MHz for this special square!
Also this year we have a lot of squares from eastern and south-east parts of europe and from western parts of irland at the top of our list! As you can see at the dk3xt homepage, some up comming expeditions are announced inbetween to fight these demand!
As you are interested in detailed informations on any square or any area you would like to activate (vote number and/or calls who do need it!) please do send me a mail via PR (dl8ebw@db0ndk) or via internet and you will receive zip-info as soon as possible.
Again many thanks to all participants in the list 2002.
We hope to hear you soon again from where ever we get qrv.........
Wuppertal 10.03.2002
Guido, DL8EBW, for the VHF-DX-Group DL-West

Results of the 2002 Most Wanted European DXCC inquiry here